Our Team

Tower Mack’s team of experts boast an average of more than 50 years of experience in their areas of expertise in the federal government, local government and private sector.

Marcus McNeil | President & CEO 
Throughout Mr. McNeill’s professional career in National Football League, he has always stayed true to his core values; hard work and dedication. Knowing that the NFL would only be a platform to kick start what would become his ultimate dream (Owning a Professional Team), Marcus knew he had to plan ahead for the next big thing. In 2011, Mr. McNeill founded Tower Mack Construction. Tower Mack is a pre-construction and construction management firm with a senior management team with over 50 years of experience.

Jason Philpot | Vice President 
Mr. Philpot has over 10 years experience in strategic marketing. His previous work experience includes CEO of Connection Firm, Executive Director of Mack’s Miracles Foundation and Business Development of WJ McNeil Construction. Jason’s degree is in computer technology. Some of his career highlights include negotiating over $50,000,000 in contracts and consulting a strategically bringing together Fortune 500 companies top business executives and celebrities for partnership initiatives.

Larry Dobbs | Senior Project Manager 
Mr. Dobbs has over 40 years of experience in construction. He has done work the Hartsfield International Airport, City of Atlanta, Lockheed Martin, and DeKalb County. Larry has extensive knowledge of the construction industry and has negotiated over 30 million dollars in contracts over his career.

Silas Dupree | Project Manger 
Mr. Dupree has over 40 years of commercial construction. He specializes in interior build outs and has worked for clients such as: Rollins, Kaiser Permanente, Mimms Enterprise and Dobbs-Racker Construction. Silas is a reliable construction project manager that’s overseen multimillion dollar projects.